How To Make Your Husband Happy In Islam

The concept of a wife’s duty to care for her husband is given significant weight in Islam. A comparison has been made between its function and that of Jihad (holy war in the path of Allah). This will be looked into to determine how to make your husband happy in Islam.

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Jihad is one of the greatest forms of devotion. Also, it is the battle and holy war in the way of Allah.

Jihad includes:

  1. The struggle for the expansion and glory of Islam.
  2. The defence of Islamic territory.
  3. The implementation of social justice.

When contemplating Jihad, one must also consider how important it is to fulfil one’s responsibilities as a good husband.

However, a wife must provide for and tend to her husband in every way possible. This is not a task that can be accomplished easily.

It may be difficult for those women to fulfil their roles if they are unaware of this aspect of their responsibilities. More so, it is a job for the woman who is aware that the job calls for a certain level of sagacity, style, and inventiveness on her part.

To be a good wife, a woman needs to win her husband’s affection and be a source of solace for him. This is the key to making her marriage work.

Also, she needs to encourage him to perform good deeds and discourage him from doing bad ones. Additionally, she must take the necessary precautions to ensure his continued health and well-being.

Her efforts will bear fruit in the form of a husband who is considerate and well-respected. An appropriate protector for his family, and a good father from whom the children will seek guidance and respect.

The woman possesses extraordinary power, as Allah, the All-Knowing, has bestowed upon her.

Therefore, it is up to her to decide whether or not the family will be successful and content or whether they will suffer.

A woman has the power to either make her house a heavenly haven or a fiery underworld.

She can steer her husband toward either the pinnacle of success or the pit of misfortune. The woman who possesses the qualities that Allah has bestowed upon her and who is conscious of her role as a spouse can transform her husband into a respected man. Even if he was previously considered the lowest of all men.

14 Proven ways to Make your Husband Happy In Islam

1. Beautiful Reception

Begin by giving a warm greeting after returning from whatever has kept you apart, be it work, school, travel, or anything else. Please introduce yourself to him with a smile. Put some makeup and perfume on, Start with the good news, and save the bad news after he has had some time to rest.

He should be greeted with loving and yearning sentences. Every effort should be made to ensure that the food is of the highest quality and served on time.

2. Enhance and Relax the Sound of Your Voice

It should only be used when speaking to your husband, not in front of any other men, including non-mahram men.

3. Having a Pleasant Fragrance and Improving One’s Appearance

Take excellent care of your physical health and fitness. Put on some nice clothes, perfume, and try to look your best. Bathe regularly, and after your period, remove any traces of blood, unpleasant odours, and especially hair from your body.

Make sure your husband doesn’t catch you wearing dirty clothes or being in rough shape. Avoid getting any kinds of ornamentation that aren’t allowed, like tattoos. 

Utilize the fragrances, colours, and clothing styles your husband finds appealing.

Alter your appearance by experimenting with new hairstyles, perfumes, etc., every so often.

However, you should avoid going to extremes with these things, and of course, you should only act in this manner in front of other members of your mahram, both male and female.

4. Intercourse

Making your husband happy in Islam does not exempt having good intercourse. Move quickly to have sexual relations when your husband feels compelled to have them.

Maintain as much cleanliness and pleasant odour on your body as possible. This includes cleaning off any fluids that may have been released during sexual activity.

Talk to your husband about the things you love about him. Allow your husband to indulge all of his cravings in peace.

You should pick appropriate times and occasions to excite your husband and encourage him to have sexual relations with you, such as after he has returned from a trip, on the weekends, and so on.

5. Contentment with what Allah (the Most Powerful) has bestowed upon you.

It would help if you didn’t let the fact that your husband has a low-paying job or is poor keep you down. Instead, you should think about those less fortunate than you, including the sick and the disabled, and thank Allah (the Highest) for all He has provided for you.

It would help if you kept in mind that the trustworthy source of wealth is Imaan (faith) and righteousness and this would make your husband happy in Islam.

6. An Apathy Towards the Things of the World

You should not place your hope and interest in this world and should not ask your husband for many unnecessary things.

To practice asceticism or to make your husband happy in Islam does not mean to deprive oneself of the pleasures of that which is beneficial and lawful (Halaal).

Rather that one should focus on the afterlife and make the most of the resources that Allah (the Subtle) has provided to enter paradise (Jannah).

To help those less fortunate and provide food for those who are hungry, you should encourage your husband to cut back on expenses and save some money.

7. Appreciation

The Prophet, peace upon him, revealed that most people in hell are women. This is because many women are ungrateful for the blessings bestowed upon them.

If you show gratitude to your spouse, he will love you more and want to make you happy.

Your spouse will get dissatisfied due to your lack of gratitude, and he will begin to wonder, “Why should I continue to be kind to her?” as a consequence. The help that I do for her is never appreciated by her, no matter what!

8. Guardianship During His Time Away from Us

To make your husband happy in Islam, guard yourself against engaging in inappropriate relationships. Keep the family’s secrets safe, especially those involving extramarital affairs and matters your partner would prefer not to disclose to others.

Watch over the home and the little ones, please. Take good care of his financial affairs and properties, Do not leave your home unless he permits you to do so, and if he permits you, you must wear your full hijab.

You should not let people who he does not like and would prefer not to have into your home.

It would help if you never gave any non-mahram male the opportunity to be alone with you in any setting.

9. Demonstrating a Respectable Attitude Towards His Friends and Family

Be kind to his parents and other relatives while he is away and when he is present.

It would be best to make your guests feel welcome and do everything you can to satisfy them, especially their parents.

It would help if you did everything possible to avoid conflict with his family.

Also, it would be best if you did everything in your power to avoid placing him in a situation where he will have to pick between his mother and you.

Exhibit gracious hospitality toward his guests by providing them with a comfortable place to sit, ensuring that their meals are prepared to perfection, and ensure to greet their wives.

Inspire him to visit his relatives, and consider hosting some of them at your place.

Call his parents and sisters, write letters to them, give them presents, show them support when they are going through difficult times, and so on.

10. Admirable Jealousy

Jealousy is a sign that a wife loves her husband. This however, must be contained within the bounds of Islamic law. For example, a Muslim woman should not insult or backbite other people or disrespect them.

You must not pursue or plant unjustified suspicions in your relationship.

11. Patience and Emotional Support in Difficult Situations

Be patient in the face of adversity, whether it be a financial hardship, the strain of difficult circumstances, or the possibility of calamities befalling you, your husband, your children, other relatives, or your property (such as illness, accident, death, and so on).

Be patient with him and encourage him to remain on the path that leads to Allah while reminding him of paradise if you find yourself in a difficult situation due to your Da’wah work, such as being imprisoned, fired, or arrested.

If he treats you poorly, you should do everything you can to treat yourself well to balance out his poor treatment of you.

12. Assistance in Obeying Allah, Proclaiming the Gospel, and Engaging in Jihad

Encourage your husband to participate in the various worships. Those that are required and those that are optional.

You should encourage him to pray in the evening, and you and your husband should take turns reading and reciting from the Qur’an.

You should both listen to Islamic audio recordings on your own and listen to permissible nasheeds together with your husband.

Always keep Allah (the Most Powerful) in mind, especially after Fajr and Maghrib’s prayer.

Participate in the organization of Da’wah activities to benefit women and children.
A Muslim woman must acquire the Islamic manners and etiquette (adab and ahkaam) appropriate for her status.

You may support your husband’s activities by encouraging him, sharing your insightful comments, easing his aches and pains, and other similar actions.

Da’wah requires that you give up part of your rights and some of the time you spend with your spouse.

Encourage him to perform Jihad whenever necessary, and remind him that you and your children will be safe under Allah’s protection if he does so (the Highest).

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13. Good Housekeeping

Maintain a clean, well-decorated, and orderly environment there. Altering the furniture placement in your home regularly can help stave off boredom.

Make an effort to hone your culinary skills and prepare nutritious meals. Master all of the necessary skills for running a household, such as cooking and cleaning.
Gain knowledge on how to raise children in a way consistent with Islamic principles.

14. Securing One’s Financial Situation While Keeping One’s Family Together

Please do not spend any of his money, not even on charitable causes, without obtaining his permission unless you are positive that he won’t mind.

While he is away, ensure his home, car, and other belongings are safe. Ensure that the children are healthy and have clean clothes at all times. Take care of their eating habits, health, education, manners, etc.

Teach them the religion of Islam and regale them with tales of the Prophets and those who travelled with them.

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