Adoption Through Foster Care

Adoption through foster care is a possible means of adopting a child, but many have been weary of taking the steps. We will be looking at Adoption, Foster care, the pros and cons of adoption through fostering.

What is Adoption?

Adoption according to oxford dictionary, is the act of adopting, or state of being adopted. It’s a voluntary acceptance of a child of other parents to be the same as one’s own child.

What is foster care?

Foster Care according to the oxford dictionary simply means to nurture or bring up offspring; or to provide similar parental care to an unrelated child.
Adopting a child through foster care is a very good way of giving the child an opportunity to have a family.

Presently there are above 117,000 kids and teenagers in foster care who wants to be loved and be secured which can only be provided by a family.

Children in foster care

Many children find themselves in foster care as a result of circumstances beyond their control. This could have been an abuse, abandonment or neglect by their real parents. Children in foster homes are under the temporal care of the state government. The biological parents can only claim them if they can continue to care for the child. Also if it’s at the best interest of the child that he/she wants to be with his/her parents. A good number of people who stay in foster homes usually go back to their parents. Those who are up for adoption can be adopted by those interested or their relatives. Looking to adopt? 

Adoption Through Foster care

Adoption through foster care is almost same with that of adoption. You have to decide if you want to adopt, and every other preparation/paperwork filed. Although foster care adoption is quite different from adoption itself.
However, you can also adopt a child from foster care but the children who are up for adoption are within the age range of toddlers -21years. While the accepted middle age is 18. This as a result of the experience encountered in the past. So whoever is adopting a child will have to understand and take responsibility. They must also learn how to deal with such children and assist them to heal from their trauma. Couples who decide to adopt children through foster care should visit with  non-profit foster care organizations.
Foster care and adoption are similar because they both involve bringing a child(ren) into your home. Most times guardians mistake both when in adoption/foster care counseling. In all there are two major differences which is “Permanence and Parental rights”.

Fostering before Adopting

Most states see adoption and foster care as a way of continuing family lineage. So they make polices to encourage couples to first become foster parents. Some states makes it mandatory for couples who want to adopt to attend foster care counseling classes first before proceeding for adoption.

Benefits of fostering a child before adoption

  1. Couples who crave to extend their love and intellect with kids can actually start by becoming a foster parents first before they eventually find a child to adopt. So, it facilitates parenting.
  2. It enables the children to know if they can have a permanent relationship with each other within the period they are under their care.
  3. Couples can have children to care for within the age of infants to 21years.
  4. The child can start living with the intended parents, if certified to provide foster care. This apparently reduces the amount involved in adoption.
  5. Foster parenting provides a suitable condition for adoption.
  6. The foster parents are able to build a relationship with the family members of the child. This can continue even after the adoption.
  7. They start bonding as a family.
  8. They are able to understand the needs of the children and ask for help during adoption.
  9. Couples are able to learn proper parenting from traumatized children

Important Note on Foster Care

A crucial aspect in foster care is that the foster parents must agree to reunite the children with their biological parents. Reuniting them will aid the plan to own them which is determined by the court and public agency in charge of their care and planning.
Couples planning to be foster parents accept the fact that the children they wish to adopt might return to their biological parents or relatives. Though this negotiation will hold during the adoption process and thereafter sealed by the court. The role played by the foster parents which is a double role is sometimes known as “concurrent planning,”. This means while plan to reunite the children with their biological parents is on going, there is in progress an option for permanency plan. Most times it turns out to be an adoption in case reuniting them to their parents becomes impossible.

The two major difference between Adoption and Foster Care


Foster Care is a temporal care given to children. The goal of the agency is to fix the problem that existed in the children’s family and resulted to them to being away from their parents.
Adoption on the other hand, is permanent. It is a process of legally binding relationship between the adopted child and the new parents. Giving the adopted child every right and privilege that biological children enjoy. The adopted parents are by law the child’s legitimate parents for life.

2. Parental Rights

Most times, biological parents still have parental rights over the child in foster care. Although there are some protected parental rights by the state, the parents should enjoy such rights except the child up for adoption.
If the states conclude that the child cannot return to his/her biological parents, then the parent loses their parental rights. The responsibility and decision-making taken over by state until the adoption takes place. Once the child is up for adoption, the adopted parent takes full rights over the child including decision-making and upbringing of the child.


Now that you know the difference and the requirements. If you want to adopt a child you should examine yourself if you are ready to take up the full responsibility for the child. You should also follow the legal procedures for adoption. You must be able to determine if you can cater to them temporarily or permanently. Also, prepare to face some challenges that comes with children with traumatic experiences before they taken to foster homes.

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