12 Best Single Mom Facebook Groups

Just as many groups exist on various social medias, the single mom facebook groups exist. These groups have been very helpful to many. Social media has its advantages and its disadvantages. Research has it that the advantages outweighs the disadvantages when put to good use. 
However, single moms in particular are benefiting from internet networking, with 66 percent of them using social media to discover themselves again. The use of Facebook groups by many single moms to communicate with people locally and internationally on a variety of topics, such as finding love again, managing kids, and general parenting rants, makes sense in light of this.
Many have been able to get bounce back from the regrets of single mother by choice or fate. More have rediscovered their essence, found love again and moved on with their lives.


Here are 12 Best Single Mom Facebook Support Groups

Group For Single Mom That Need help

This is a public group with 29.8k members. Group for single mum that need help was created mainly to look out for single mom who may need assistance at any point in time

Single Mom In USA

This also is a public group with about 40.5k members. Single mom in USA aim is to look out for the emotional status of Single moms. Help members heal through their trying period.

Single Mother Living In USA

This is a public group with about 45k members. Single mother living in USA primary aim is to look out for the emotional status of Single moms

Single Mom in United States

This is a public group looking out for single moms within the United States that might any kind of assistance

Singles 50 and Above And Looking

This is a public group whose focus is on single parent of 50 years and above. The group also helps older single parent find love again

Single Mother’s

This is another wonderful public group saddled with the responsibility of looking out for single moms, sharing ideas and pains with one another.

Filpina Single Moms And Dating Group USA/UK European And All Moms

This group takes care of all single moms emotional needs from all over the world. Though their primary focus is on USA, UK and Europe

Single Mom Alliance: Unbreakable

The mission of Single Mom Alliance is to support and empower single mothers across the country, offering the confidence and tools to succeed with authority, poise, and boldness. Single Mom Alliance is an exclusively online resource and community created with the intent to provide advice, guidance, and support to women facing challenges

Single Mothers Looking For Love

A private group with 127k members is solely single moms looking to give love a second chance again

Single Mom’s Dating Zone

This is another private group that helps Single moms meets men again for dating and consequently get married again

Christian Single Moms Support

This is a Christian support group for single mom with 13k members. The group gives religious, moral, emotional, career teachings to single moms in USA and beyond

Single Mom And Single Dad Looking for Serious Relationship

A private dating group for single parent with 44.5k members. If you are looking for  a dating group, this will be your best bet as many members are looking partners. The group also consist of both single mom and single dad hoping to find love again

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